Agreement with Westinghouse for AP-1000 plants

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Westinghouse and Tri Nuclear Corp. have come to an agreement that, once again, solidifies Tri Nuclear’s rank as the standard in the industry.

In late 2009, Westinghouse decided to use the Tri Nuclear SK-175 skimmer as the AP-1000 reactor plants PY06 Technical Specification standard. The companies came to an agreement on four sites to begin this collaboration.

More recently, the Tri Nuclear UFV-260 was used as the design basis for the MS29 specifications in AP-1000 plants designed by Westinghouse. Tri Nuclear is excited to announce that we will be supplying MS29 equipment to all future AP-1000’s. We are glad to have this relationship with Westinghouse and hope to continue this with other lines of Tri Nuclear equipment.

101_0791 AL Storage Box (8)UFV-260 Test tank

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