Dresden Spring 2006

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Excerpt from “Decommissioning the Dresden Unit 1 Spent Fuel Pool”
“A system known as the “Tri-Nuc” Filter System (Tri-Nuclear Corp., model UFV-100) was placed in the pool to maintain long term water quality. The Tri-Nuke is a canister type, shielded filter about 30 inches long and 7 inches in diameter. It is a self-contained system that contains a submersible pump and is easily maintained (easy filter removal). After the peroxide injection and 3 weeks of Tri-Nuc filter operation, the pool water became crystal clear and maintained this clarity throughout the project. Over the course of the project, 50 of the Tri-Nuke filters were used. A skimmer system was added to the Tri-Nuc to clear the floating algae debris.”
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