GE-Type VI BWR – Fall 2013 Outage

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This plant was going into the fall outage with a plan. The ultimate goal was to remove Cobalt 58 during outage to reduce the exposure to the refuel floor. The plant decided to use two TNC UD-36A Underwater Demineralizers in Reactor Cavity during outage. The plant had pre-planning meeting to plan out the proper location of UD-36A’s, sluice hoses and sluice pumps. They also planned out where spent resin was going to.

BV-1.5SS-MxF installed on a UD-36A UD-36A with Suction Hose mockup - for EPRI#2 UD-36A AP-65 modified

At the end of the outage, one dosimeter read 25 Rem/hr the other read 16 Rem/hr. The TNC UD-36A was successful in reducing radiation level on the floor by one half mrem/hr

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