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Below you will find a listing of the most common Tri Nuclear equipment.  For pricing and availability please call, fax or e-mail us.

Compact unit on a 14” x 24” base.  Ideal for use in confined areas.  The system includes a housing, pump/motor assembly, hose, flow meter and special tooling.  Design flow rate is 100 GPM.

Underwater Filter/Vacuum Model UFV-100

Similar to UFV-100 with a 24” x  24” base and design flow rate of 260 GPM.

Underwater Filter/Vacuum Model UFV-260

Similar to above units with a 24” x 30” base and design flow rate of 600 GPM.  This unit is designed for filtering operations and not vacuuming.

Underwater Filter Model UF-600

Underwater Filter/Vacuum Equipment

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The UFV-600 combines the features of the UFV-260 and the UF-600 in one unit by modifying a standard UF-600 by adding suction piping and filter tube covers. 

Underwater Filter/Vacuum Model UFV-600

For Pricing and Availability please contact:

John J. Flynn

Cell Ph. 518-312-6316

Office Ph. 518-399-1389

Office Fx. 518-399-9586


The UFVS-100 is based on the UFV-100 system, but has a strainer basket in series with the filter cartridge to prevent large items vacuumed up from being imbedded in the filter cartridge.

Underwater Filter/Vacuum & Strainer Model UFVS-100

The UFV-2S-260 is based on the UFV-260 system, but has two strainer baskets in series with the filter cartridges to prevent large items vacuumed up from being imbedded in the filter cartridges.

Underwater Filter/Vacuum Model UFV-2S-260

Underwater Filter/Vacuum Equipment

With integral suction strainer

The newest and largest underwater filter produced by Tri Nuclear.  UF-1000 is designed for rapid cavity water turnover to minimize the effect of poor water clarity on critical path time.

Underwater Filter Model UF-1000