March 2011 BWR outage experience

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Murky water in nuclear plant needed to be addressed during the spring outage. During the outage, the pool lost water clarity. The water was described as “like mud”. Workers could not see more than 3ft into the pool. The plant had multiple filtration systems running simultaneously (including Two TNC UF-600 units) for four days with little effect.

TNC shipped a UF-1000 to the plant within 4hrs of call. Within 2hrs of the UF-1000 being installed the pool started to turn. Workers could see at the 6ft marker. Within 6hrs of the UF-1000 being installed steam line plugs were being installed using cameras and within 18hrs of the UF-1000 being installed, the dryer and separator were able to be moved to the equipment pit.


As a side note, during the first 24 hours of operation the UF-1000 only required 1 filter change out. During the same 24 hour period the UF-600’s required 3 filter change outs. The extended use of the filters sped the water clarity process while saving the plant time and money in the long run.

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