Sept 2014 PWR outage experience

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Silica from Boraflux™ fuel racks in the spent fuel pool turned the water from crystal clear to “milky” when used fuel from the refueling was placed in the racks. Critical path time was impacted as fuel could not be moved. The plant had a TNC UF-600 running with 5 micron filters and it was not effective in cleaning up the silica due to the system’s turnover and pass through rates.

UF-1000 side view100_4047

A TNC UF-1000 was shipped within 4 hours of call. The plant used 0.1 micron filters for cleanup due to their ability to catch smaller particulate that would pass through the 5 micron filters used prior.

Once cleanup commenced with the UF-1000 and 0.1 micron filters plant saw immediate results and critical path time was no longer affected. Complete return of Spent Fuel Pool water clarity took 3 days and 14 0.1 filter cartridges.

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