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Everyone knows how valuable proper training of plant personnel is in order to meet outage and other maintenance schedules. Having operators properly trained on Tri Nuclear’s equipment will save time, money and help the plant meet its goals.

Tri Nuclear offers on-site classroom training (including hands on training with clean tooling) for all Underwater Vacuum/Filters and Underwater Demineralizers.

Each trainee will receive a copy of the Power Point slides for note taking purposes. Clean tooling will be provided for the trainees to use during the session.

Classroom training normally covers the following areas:johnflynn
• Principals of Operation
• Equipment Description
• Assembly & Installation
• System Operations
• Storage Requirements
• Precautions & Limitations
• Troubleshooting
• Q&A

Our Operations Manager, John Flynn, is a former Naval Nuclear Power prototype instructor. He has over 27 years of experience in the nuclear industry and has conducted training at numerous power plants in the US and around the world. He can customize training to meet site specific needs.

If you have questions regarding training, would like a quote and or schedule training, please contact John Flynn at or 518-399-1389.

List of plants Tri Nuclear has conducted training at:

  • Brunswick
  • Clinton
  • Ginna
  • Indian Point
  • Millstone
  • Palisades
  • Robinson
  • Tianwan – China
  • Haiyang – China
  • Sanmen – China
  • Laguna Verde – Mexico