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Tri Nuclear has a CD-Rom that contains all of our product brochures, operating instructions and technical information for all standard Tri Nuclear equipment.  The CD also includes  video descriptions of our UFV-260.


To request your free copy, please e-mail your name and mailing address to:


Tri Nuclear Corp.


Tri Nuclear Corp. designs and manufactures specialized equipment for use in commercial nuclear power stations.  Tri Nuclear is well versed in nuclear applications with over 30 years of experience supporting the nuclear industry. Product design and fabrication is performed within the high quality standards of an ASME code qualified shop.

We specialize in custom design systems for a variety of applications.  Call, fax or e-mail the specifics of your project and we will provide a simple, easy to use system.

If you do not find the technical information you need about  our equipment on the web page, please contact us via phone or e-mail and we will gladly work with you.

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Tri Nuclear Corp.

PO Box 1130

40 Lake Rd

Ballston Lake, NY 12019

For Pricing and Availability please contact:

John J. Flynn

Cell Ph. 518-312-6316

Office Ph. 518-399-1389

Office Fx. 518-399-9586


TNC Atom Logo

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Tri Nuclear Corp. has been meeting the water filtration and radwaste needs of the commercial nuclear power industry for over 30 years.  We service both domestic and international customers.  Our equipment is unique in its simplicity of operation and design.  Three categories of equipment make up the majority of the company's output.



· Filter/ Vacuum Systems

· Underwater Demineralizers

· Surface Pool Skimmers



· Custom Equipment Shielding

· Lead Panel Shielding

· Lead Transfer Casks



· Filter Systems & Filter Cartridges

· Mobile Dolly Mounted Pump/Filter Systems

· Storage Tanks

· Demineralizer Vessels

· Filter Compactor


Tri Nuclear Corp. began to design and manufacture Underwater Filter/Vacuum Units in 1977, and is the  US’s major supplier of Underwater Filter Units.  The length of Tri Nuclear Corp's client list, and its high volume of repeat business, attest to the quality and reliability of our equipment.


Tri Nuclear Corp. welcomes opportunities to help solve special problems or needs which can quickly arise in nuclear power facilities.  We will strive to expeditiously provide fixed price quotations for equipment to meet these needs.


We appreciate your interest in our product line. If we can be of assistance in any way please call.






James Warden


24/7/365 Outage Support!

Tri Nuclear personal are available 24/7/365 to assist you in your emergency needs. 


We typically have at least one UFV-260 & UF-1000 system in stock to respond to your emergency needs during the outage. 


During outage emergencies, in stock equipment can usually be picked up by truck or courier at our shipping facility within 4-6 hrs of the receipt of the Purchase Order. 


Please contact us at the numbers below

In 2009 Tri Nuclear Corp. introduced our UF-1000 Underwater Filter for rapid water filtration in the Rx Cavity or the Spent Fuel Pool.

CLICK HERE for more information on the UF-1000


In 2009 Tri Nuclear Corp. has designed, built and successfully tested a ‘Phase Reversing’ Pump Control Box for all Tri Nuclear Underwater Pumps.  This new control box eliminates the need for an electrician to change the leads to perform a phase rotation check.

In 2012 Tri Nuclear Corp.  Upgraded the phase reversing control box to include twist lock plugs for the inlet  & outlet power cable connections  in order to make installing Tri Nuclear Underwater equipment even simpler.

CLICK HERE  for more information on the phase reversing control box (and video).

In 2011 Tri Nuclear Corp. introduced “Suction Hose Conversion Kits” for our Underwater Demineralizers.  This allows the Underwater Demineralizers to take a suction at the “source” (Rx Core) in order to reduce source levels to help meet your ALARA goals.

CLICK HERE for information on the “Suction Hose Conversion Kits”

NUREG 0612 Certifications

In 2012 Tri Nuclear Corp.  Commenced a program to design, test and certify certain pieces of Tri Nuclear Equipment to meet the NUREG 0612 requirements.   This includes the UD-36A, UD-48A, FTS-11 and other equipment that weighs over 1,000 Lbs.  If you have questions about NUREG 0612 certifications, please contact us.

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