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In order to help meet and exceed your ALARA goals, Tri Nuclear has developed several unique shields for use with our standard equipment. We have developed shields for the transport of used Tri Nuclear filters, our RadWaste filter housing and standard 55 gallon drums. Typically Tri Nuclear shielding is made of virgin lead and is lined with 304SS.

Below is information on our current line of shielding products. Please contact us if you need a shield for items that are not shown.

Shielding Equipment

VCB-2 | Filter Transfer Shield for a Single Tri Nuclear Filter

VCB-2 Filter Transfer Shield
FTS-11 | Filter Transfer Shield for 11 Tri Nuclear Filters
RWFS-1 | Radwaste Filter and Shield

FPS-65 | Filter Pump and Shield on a Dolly

DS-3/4 | Drum Shield