Tri Nuclear has developed a versatile stand-alone underwater filter vacuum which is ideal for use in the Spent Fuel Pool or Reactor Cavity and is the most widely used underwater filter vacuum on the market. Tri Nuclear’s underwater filter vacuums can  be operated for long durations practically unattended without the need for maintenance or element change out, all while controlling water clarity and reducing dose rates.
Because the portable underwater filter vacuum is submerged, it needs no external shielding, or hoses running in or out of the water that may cause rippling, poor visibility or personnel exposure/contamination. Tri Nuclear’s underwater filter vacuums operate under negative pressure which allows the pump to be gravity seated and does not require any special tooling to install or remove the pump underwater.


  • Rapid system deployment via camlock hose connections, twist lock electrical connections and control box upgrades
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Underwater service requiring no additional shielding
  • Specialized tooling for rapid remote filter change out underwater

“Operating” vs. “Complete” System

Each of the UF/UFV systems is sold in both the “Operating” and “Complete” system kits.

The “Operating” system comes with only the basic components required to operate the system.

The “Complete” system comes with the basic components and all accessory tooling.

Filter Cartridge Design:

  • Filter Cartridges have pleated paper construction which provides a large filter area and long run times
  • Inside loading means that solids are trapped in the element and won’t flake or slough off during change out


  • Base: 24”x 24”
  • Height: 55”
  • Weight (empty with pump): 250 lbs
  • Weight (full with pump): 500 lbs
  • Pump Weight: 85 lbs
  • Number of Filters: 2 Cartridge
  • Hoses: 2 Suction
  • System Flow Rate: 260 GPM
  • Material: Stainless Steel